There is a day in our life which represents,

at the same time, both an accomplishment and a departure.

It is the same day when 1 becomes 2 and when life plans, family daily routine challenges and undertakings come to life.

Bibendum’s goal is to make this day unique and perfect, as well as unforgettable: a dream that comes true, where to let yourself go, and that marks the starting point of a new life path. It seems a magic, but it is no more than the outcome of a long process of study, passion, experience, and inspiration.

As in the creation of an artistic project, the spark triggers from an intuition or a wish, but it is in the creative phase that know-how, competence and fantasy are valorized.

The techniques with which we shape or wedding projects correspond to stylistic situations which we have expressed in standards to be assumed as our own, to customize or mix with one another.


Your style


In the open air you feel free, at ease, emotions free flow and the desire to party increases and becomes contagious. However, finesse, style, and exclusivity will be protagonists throughout the whole ceremony. We look after every single element, from the customization of the location to the realization of original settings and from the composition of dishes to the planning of sophisticate and elegant mise en place.



The magic of memories runs in the atmosphere of a ceremony that borrows fashion, tastes and styles from the past. Nothing is invented, but everything changes: our job is to add a renewed charm to the iconic beauty that the times gone by - the romantic 1950s, the revolutionary sixties, the exuberant seventies – has left us in the legacy.


The dream wedding takes shape in a mood that carries the roots of romance: fairy tales location welcome tables that are like paintings of author, adorned with shapes and colors, wrapped in intense scents emanated from floral elements. And there are details, precious as gems, disseminated like in a refined treasure hunt.



The suggestion evoked is that in the most dear environments, those that have marked the most important moments of a couple before it became so. A sophisticated simplicity characterizes the location and all elements, according to a mood that combines the pleasure of conviviality with the care of details, inspired by the craftsmanship and tailoring.


Classical elegance marks every single instant of a tale inspired by the magic of art, now from the seduction of cinema, now from inventions of literature. The ceremony is wrapped in a glimpse of the enchantments, the preciousness of the set up, the refinement of the menu.



Fantasy, dynamism, colors animate a concept characterized by fresh creativity and sophisticated nonconformity, which transform the classical ceremonial into a choral festival. The effect is that of a refined informality, where comfort meets style and elegance.


Vivid colors, intense scents, now simple, now complex textures become the protagonists of a ceremony in which the inspirational muse is nature, with the seductive transformations that pass through the seasons. Every detail, from the composition of the set to the ingredients selected for the menu, contains a desired appeal to the magic of creation.

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